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Yume Y11 Review: Your Perfect Off-road King

Are you looking for an affordable dual-motor electric scooter but can’t help yourself in getting a perfect choice? Then the Yume Y11 electric scooter could be really what you are looking for.

Some of the top Yume Y11 competitors are the Emove Cruiser and Kaabo Mantis Pro Se but the Y11 chews bumpy roads relatively better, all thanks to the 11-inch off-road tires. Not to surprise you any further in this Yume Y11 review, let’s have a glance at the details.

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Yume Y11 Specs 

Top Speed50 miles per hour
Top Range50 miles
MotorDual 6000W
SuspensionDouble front springs, rear shocks
BrakingRear and front hydraulic 
LightingFront dual angel lights, turn signals
Weight105 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
WheelsOffroad; 11 inches

Our Full Yume Y11 Electric Scooter Review

Yume Y11 electric scooter review

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an electric scooter that works best for you. We took the Y11 for a spin and we have a couple of recommendations to make. It’s our hope that you will be in a position to make an informed decision after reading the review in its entirety. 

Is Yume Y11 for you?

If you are a heavy adult, then you undoubtedly know that you need to ride a dual-motor electric scooter to get optimal results, right? 

Well, with Yume Y11, you are looking into 6000 watts worth of power. Massive motors enhance the riding experience regardless of where a heavy rider takes their gadget for a spin. Sluggishness isn’t part of the equation here. 

Nonetheless, it’s also important to let you know that this is a heavy ride. Weighing a whopping 48 kgs, one will definitely struggle to lift it alone and this means if you will be going upstairs, then carrying this beast alone isn’t part of the discussion. You are rightfully out (tough love, sorry). 

Not to demotivate you or anything with the Y11’s weight, though, if speed isn’t a top factor to consider, you can opt for the Emove Cruiser. The Cruiser weighs 23kgs only, has a 32mph top speed, a weight limit of 352 lbs, and a top range of 62 miles. 

Yume Y11 Battery

There is no point in having killer motors when the battery is wack, isn’t it? The Y11 comes with a Panasonic 60V; 33.6 Ah battery. As you perhaps know Panasonic, just like LG and Samsung makes killer Lithium batteries. Hopefully, you can see what’s attributable to the high range in the Y11. 

Yume Y11 construction

  1. Frame

Manufactured using ferroalloy/aluminum frame material, you can expect the Y11 to be one of the sturdiest electric scooters you have ever found.

  1. Handlebars 

When testing the Y11, I was impressed to note that the handlebars are wobble-free, which is a common problem with most models in the market today. About the handgrips, I was utterly impressed as they can fit almost everyone’s palms. 

On the right-hand side of the handlebars, there’s the LED display that shows the gear engaged, battery levels, speed, and time. 

Yume Y11 Display
  1. Safety features

Braking is a critical factor to consider when shopping for a new electric scooter and thankfully, the Y11 comes with hydraulic brakes (at the front and rear). Hydraulic braking is one of the safest as sliding during emergency stops isn’t a thing.

Are you a night rider? Or do you worry that you may be caught offside by light rain? For your safety and that of others, then the lights and side turns need to be on point. Yume Y11 comes with dual front bright angel lights that keep you standing out from the rest. 

Yume Y11 angel lights

That way, you can improve your visibility and get seen by other road users. The same case applies to when you wish to make a turn. Let your turn signals be your guide.

Yume Y11 turn signals
  1. Tires

You can ride on the streets using off-road tires but it’s a different situation for hilly, tough terrains or bumpy roads with street racing tires. 

This is where the Yume Y11 tires come in handy. With these, you are sure that skidding when riding in sandy conditions isn’t crisscrossing your fun. 

With big tires such as these 11-inch, you are sure that the ground clearance is also better and that shock absorption is better. Adapt better for all types of riding conditions with the Yume Y11. 

  1. Shock absorption

For the sake of your bums (when seated), comfort, and safety, then getting killer shock absorption rocks. Yume Y11 comes with rear shock absorbers and dual front springs. Besides, the tires also help in absorbing shock should you ever meet a pothole. 

For more enhanced comfort, ensure that you get a seat for your Yume Y11 as standing for a total of 50 miles give or take isn’t so exciting. 

  1. The deck

For the sake of your comfort, while standing, Yume Y11 has a wide deck made of tight grip tape to ensure that the rider enjoys their riding to the optimal and without worrying about their legs stretching apart. 

  1. Foldability

Yume Y11 folds and unfolds in 5 seconds. It has a claw-like folding mechanism that helps the stem lock and unlock fast with the least effort. 

Is Yume Y11 worth its price?

Yume Y11 price starts at $1699. It even gets lower by $80 when you use AMOS-Y11 as your coupon code. 

About whether it’s worth the price, I can undoubtedly say that YES, Yume Y11 is worth its price tag. Some of its alternatives that offer the same range and speed cost more than $2000. 

However, it’s also worth noting that the Y11 doesn’t come with a damper by default. If you are looking for an electric scooter with a damper under $2000, then you desperately need to look at Yume X11

What are the top 2 Yume Y11 alternatives?

1) Emove Cruiser 2021

EMOVE Cruiser 2021 Voro Motors

The Emove Cruiser 2021 is one of the best electric scooters under $1500. One of the most praised features of the Cruiser is the fact that it can reach a range of 62 miles without breaking a sweat! 

Emove Cruiser 2021 Specs

Top Speed32 miles per hour
Top Range62 miles
Weight52 lbs
Weight Limit 352 lbs
Wheels10 inches street tires
Water resistanceIPX6
Where to buyVoro Motors
Starting Price$1399
Emove Cruiser Coupon CodeES-ARENA (7 % off)

Why is the Emove Cruiser 2021 better than Yume Y11?

The Cruiser 2021 is better than Yume Y11 because it is more affordable, has a higher weight limit, better water resistance, lesser weight and more range. 

Besides, if you are in the USA, the Emove Cruiser reaches you in less than a week. On the other hand, getting Yume Y11 is dependent on where it ships from. If it ships from the factory warehouse in China to the USA, it can take even a month to get delivered to you. However, the delivery time is less than two weeks if it ships from the Californian satellite warehouse. 

Why is the Yume Y11 better than the Emove Cruiser 2021?

If speed matters to you, then Yume Y11 beats the 2021 Cruiser hands down. With a top speed of 50 miles per hour (our top speed test showed 49 mph), it’s in an entirely different league from the 32mph top speed for the Cruiser. 

Additionally, the Y11 is perfect for offroading, thanks to the 11-inch offroad tires. Of course, subjecting the Cruiser to off-roading is doing it an injustice since it comes with 10-inch street tires, Totally incompatible. 

2) Emove RoadRunner

EMOVE RoadRunner Voro Motors

Are you looking for a seated electric scooter with big, fat tires? Then Emove RoadRunner has 14-inch tubed ones at a relatively more affordable price. 

Emove RoadRunner Specs

Top Speed35 miles per hour
Top Range50 miles (100 miles with a swapped battery)
Motor850W; front  350W, rear 500W
Weight55 lbs
Weight Limit 330 lbs
Wheels14 inches 
Water resistanceIPX6
Where to buyVoro Motors
Starting Price$1499

The Emove RoadRunner and Dualtron Storm are among the few electric scooters with a swappable battery. The RoadRunner has a 50 miles range just like Yume M11 but the top speed is lower (at 35mph). That’s actually near the same as Yume Y10. 

However, the starting price is also lower than the Y11. If you love more range at the expense of the speed, then the RoadRunner can give you 100 miles after you swap the batteries. While at this, also note that one battery of the RoadRunner charges in 12 hours!

Yume Y11 is better than the Emove RoadRunner in terms of top speed and motor power. The two beasts, however, excel in off-roading which is a commendable thing. Emove RoadRunner competes in terms of tire size with Yume X7 and Yume Ohvation, though. 

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