fix an electric scooter throttle

How to fix an electric scooter throttle in 4 simple steps

It is recommended that you routinely maintain your electric scooter. However, it reaches a point where you have done everything but the gadget never seems to work. 

I have been there and can attest that it is a deeply disheartening position to find oneself. You are there cracking your head…What could be the problem with my ride? Do I really need to fix the motor? 

Well, ask yourself no further. Your throttle could be dysfunctional. It’s high time to fathom how to fix an electric scooter throttle using the simplest steps we will provide in this blog post. 

How to test if the scooter throttle is functioning 

You undoubtedly know that you cannot fix a scooter throttle without knowing if it’s the component with the problem, right?

Well, the best starting place is to test it in dead-simple steps:

  • Have a power source on standby
  • Fully charge the electric scooter batteries
  • Twist the throttle and see if the lights, display, and speed come on
  • If the display doesn’t switch on, it could be a problem between the throttle and controller’s connection
  •  Turn off the electric scooter and remove the circuit breaker or fuse
  • With the help of a multimeter, connect 4.5 volts of Direct Current to the throttle’s positive terminals (red wire)
  • Connect the -ve terminal (black wire) to 4.5V Direct Current Ground 
  • While using a voltmeter, fix it to the blue/green and black wire
  • Replace the circuit breaker or fuse and switch on the e-scooter
  • Twist the throttle so that the motor can start
  • If the motor doesn’t turn, then the throttle has a problem and needs to be fixed.

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Reasons for an electric scooter throttle not working

If an electric scooter throttle is not working, then it can be an indicator of the following:

  • There are loose connections on the controller
  • There are loose connections from the connectors leading to the throttle
  • The throttle is faulty.

How do I fix the throttle on my electric scooter?

From the test done above, you could have concluded that the throttle isn’t working. Below are our tested and proven tips and tricks to get it working. 

1. Thoroughly check your throttle

You desperately need your senses of touch, smell, and sight here. To start off, you need to ascertain if the wires are firm. Gentle shaking of the wires and wire connectors after opening the top deck lead will get you started. 

If the wires or connectors fall out, then the first problem to fix with your electric scooter throttle is by gently tightening any of them to ensure that they are in their right place. 

Secondly, smell for any burnt smell. If you can’t find any, you will as well need to keenly check and see if there are any signs of any burnt product. If there is the sight of a melted component, then the throttle is mostly overheated. 

More often than not, you have to replace a melted throttle if optimum riding is to be achieved. 

The first step towards an electric scooter throttle repair is by using your senses to check if there is any problem with the connections or if the physical state of the throttle has been affected.

2. Check the display

If there are no visible signs of physical damage to the throttle, its wires, or wire connectors, then it’s the right time to proceed and see if the lights and speed display twist the throttle. 

If they don’t then the problem lies with a faulty connection between the controller and the throttle. You can inspect all the wires and connectors between the controller and the throttle and fix the loose, damaged, or improperly functioning ones. 

3. Turn on the motor

If after turning on the e-scooter, you notice that the motor turns, then the problem lies with the throttle. 

If the motor doesn’t start at all, then inspect the battery and the ignition. If the battery is not functioning properly, then the failure to provide sufficient power could cause the throttle to fail to work in the best way. 

If the battery is okay, how about the charger? You may need to check whether it charges the battery to the optimum. One great way to do it is by plugging it to power and checking if the indicator lights come on. 

If they don’t, then it’s faulty. The same case applies to when the indicator lights are blinking. Have a multimeter with you and check if the recommended voltage comes up. If it doesn’t, then replacing your electric scooter charger is inevitable. 

4. Repair/replace the affected parts

At this moment, the chances are high that you have identified what the problem with your throttle is. 

If the problem is with the components of the throttle such as the wires and wire connectors, then you can shop for the affected parts and replace them. 

If the throttle is melted and cannot work, you are left with no chance but to buy another and replace it.

If the charger or battery is faulty, then you can shop for another to avoid straining the throttle or contributing to its total death.

Lastly, if your electric scooter parts such as the throttle are under warranty, then communicate with the seller to have them repair the exact parts that aren’t working to the entirety. If not, you can identify an electric scooter repair shop and have them look at your gadget and repairing where necessary. 

This is, of course, if you are busy or cannot fathom how exactly to do the repairs and fix yourself. 

In Summary: how to fix throttle on electric scooter

Without the optimal functioning of an electric scooter throttle, then you are deemed to fail to enjoy a smooth ride with your e-scooter. 

Fortunately, fixing it isn’t complicated and if you feel like it is, there are lots of electric scooter repair shops near you to necessitate a seamless repairing ordeal. Always do regular maintenance to your e-scooter to keep it running the best way it ever can. 

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