If you want to get an electric scooter bargain during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, I have your back. After going through different retailers, these are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals I have found so far.

1) Emove Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals/Cyber Monday

  • Emove Cruiser
Emove Cruiser Scooter

If range matters to you and your budget is somewhat tight, then the Emove Cruiser is the best electric scooter you can ever find under $1500. Its original price is $1399. However, on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can buy the beauty for $1301.07 after saving $97.93. What you need is to click this link and use ES-ARENA as you checkout. You will automatically save 7%. Below are our tested specs for the Cruiser.

Top Speed32 miles per hour
Top Range62 miles
Weight52 lbs
Weight Limit 352 lbs
Wheels10 inches street tires
Water resistanceIPX6
Where to buyVoro Motors
Starting Price$1399
Emove Cruiser Coupon CodeES-ARENA (7 % off)
  • Emove Touring
Emove Touring Scooter

Emove Touring is perfect for riders who wish to ride at slower speeds and short-range commutes, but can’t manage to spend more than $900. You will save a whopping 7% from Voro Motors when you use ES-ARENA as your coupon this Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Its original price is $899, but thanks to the Electric Scooter Arena, you will save $62.93 and pay $836.07 for it.

Top Speed25 miles per hour
Top Range25 miles
BrakingElectronic and drum (rear)
Weight39 lbs
Weight Limit308 lbs
Water resistance IP54
SuspensionRear spring (dual); front triple 
Tire size8 inches
Peak motor power750W
Battery13Ah; 48V
Charging time6.5 hours
Starting Price$899
SellerVoro Motors
Coupon CodeES-ARENA

2) Inokim Black Friday Deals

  • Inokim Quick 4
Inokim Quick 4

Urban Machina deals in a variety of Inokim electric scooters and Inokim Quick 4 is one of those. The Inokim Quick 4 has a coupon code tailored explicitly for this year’s Black Friday where the buyer can save CAD400. Below are the specs:

Top Speed25 miles per hour
Top Range70 Km
MotorSingle; 1200W peak
SuspensionRear & Front
BrakingRear and front; drum
BatterySamsung; 52V 16Ah
Weight47.2 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs
WheelsPneumatic; 10 inches

3)Yume Electric Scooters Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

  • Yume X7
Yume X7 scooter

Yume X7 is perfect for those who adore speed, power, and range as you will see in the specs below. Its original price is $2759, but when you use AMOS-X7 as your coupon, you will save a whopping $100.

Top Speed60 miles per hour
Top Range90 miles
Weight120 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
Lights4 front headlights, rear turn signal, brakes
Water resistanceIP54 rating
Battery45 Ah 72V
Charging time8 hours
BrakingDual; hydraulic and electronic
SuspensionMotorcycle Grade dual rear and front
Tires13 inches; offroad
Hill climbing ability60°
  • Yume M11
Yume M11 electric scooter

Would you wish to ride at a top speed of up to 60 miles per hour without breaking the bank, the Yume M11 goes for $2099 but you will pay exactly $1999 when you use AMOS-M11 as your coupon code this Black Friday.

Top Speed58 miles per hour
Top Range78 miles
Weight120 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
Lights2 matrix front headlights, rear turn signal, brakes
Water resistanceIP54 rating
Charging time7 hours
BrakingDual; hydraulic and electronic
SuspensionMotorcycle Grade dual rear and front
Tires11 inches; offroad
Hill climbing degrees55°
  • Yume X11
Yume X11

Yume X11 owners say that it is the best beast under $2000 and seemingly, they aren’t wrong. The X11 with the damper goes for $1999. Without a damper, you will get it for $1899. Nonetheless, you will save a whopping $100 on any of the two versions. Check the X11 Specs below:

Top Speed50 miles per hour
Top Range60 miles
Weight Limit330 lbs
BatteryPanasonic 21700; 35Ah 60V
MotorDual 5000W 
Weight105 lbs
Available colorsBlue, Red, Gold, Black
Tire Size11 inches
ChargingDual ports
Key TypeVoltage
  • Yume Y11
Yume Y11

You will save $80 when you buy the Yume Y11 e-scooter this Black Friday. Its starting price is currently $1699 and it’s definitely worth it. Check the specs below:

Top Speed50 miles per hour
Top Range50 miles
MotorDual 6000W
SuspensionDouble front springs, rear shocks
BrakingRear and front hydraulic 
LightingFront dual angel lights, turn signals
Weight105 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
WheelsOffroad; 11 inches
  • Yume Y10
Yume Y10 scooter

Almost having the same features as Yume Y11, the Yume Y10 electric scooter could be what you are looking for. The Y10 is Emove Cruiser’s top competitor features-wise and also price-wise. When you use AMOS-Y10, you will save $80.

Top Speed40 miles per hour
Top Range40 miles
Motor Dual (2400W)
Battery23.4 Ah, 52V LG
Weight110 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs
WheelsPneumatic 10 inches
LightsDual front, deck, brake, turn signals
Foldability5 seconds
Water resistance ratingIP54
BrakesRear and front hydraulic disc
Build materialAluminum alloy
  • Yume D5
YUME D5 electric scooter

The Yume D5 electric scooter is a budget gadget for those unwilling to spend more than $1350. You will spend $80 less when you use AMOS-D5 as your coupon code. Its starting price is $1,349.

Top Speed40 miles (64km)
Top Range40 mph (64km/h)
MotorDual 2400W
Battery23.4Ah; 52V
Weight75 lbs
Weight Limit264 lbs
LightsLed Headlight
Tires10 inches; off-road
SuspensionSpring shock absorbers
Water resistance IP54
Starting Price$1299
Coupon CodeAmos-D5
  • Yume D4+
Yume D4+ electric scooter

Just like Yume D5, Yume D4+ has a coupon code of $80. This is a budget e-scooter for city commuters and you will pay $1219 if you use AMOS-D4 as your coupon.

Top Speed40 miles per hour
Top Range40 miles 
Motor2000W; dual
Battery23.4 Ah; 52V
Weight60 lbs
Weight Limit264 lbs
Wheels10-inch tires; off-road
SuspensionFront quad
LightsHeadlight, tail light
Water resistance IP54
Charging time5 hours max
Coupon codeAmos-D4
  • Yume S10
Yume S10 scooter

Yume S10 is definitely the ultimate alternative to the Emove Touring. On this year’s Black Friday, you will save $30 when you use AMOS-S10 as your coupon on the Yumeway website.

Top Speed30 miles per hour
Top Range30 miles
MotorSingle 1000W
Battery21Ah; 48V
Braking Rear and Front; Disc
Weight60 lbs
Weight Limit264 lbs
Tires10 inches
SuspensionFront hydraulic; Spring rear
FoldabilityFoldable in seconds
Water resistance IP54 Rating
Frame material Ferroalloy/Aluminum
LightsFront, side, brake
Charging portsSingle